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About us

Endless brand is owned by River Fibers LLC based in Washington DC. The company focuses on designing eco-friendly, handwoven products. We hand weave our products in Uganda, with design and finishing done in the U.S. We have a US patent for placemats and runners, and a pending patent for our machine washable, wrinkle- free, non-shrink, hand-woven napkins.


We are committed to offering the best in functionality and design, while minimizing the effect on our environment. Our goal is to generate new sources of income for the people of Uganda, while introducing to our American customers the uniqueness of Ugandan culture and the beauty of its textiles, this includes wild-harvested raffia and banana fiber.

Over the years we have listened to our customers and this has allowed us to offer beautifully colored patterns of natural materials. Our napkins and throws are hand woven from scratch with original designs, color patterns.

We show case our products every weekend at the Eastern Market in DC.